Pimms No. 1 Cup – a refreshing summer cocktail

Pimms No1 cup - Mainely eating

Although this blog is called Mainely EATING, I also thoroughly enjoy drinking in Maine 😉 Champagne is my usual drink of choice but tonight it was a Pimms No1 Cup. Just the thought of a glass of Pimms transports me to a summer garden wedding or a day at the races or watching the tennis at Wimbledon. The refreshing cucumber, the cooling mint, a hint of apple and the glass slowly sweating in the heat….

If you’re not familiar with the history of this delicious drink then the short version is that this fruit cup/liqueur hybrid was invented by Pimm, a farmers son from Kent in the UK back in the 1800s. It was sold as a “tonic” that aids digestion of all things. The base spirit is gin but I think it’s barely noticeable, you’re more likely to enjoy a hint of burnt orange and maybe a little spice.

It feels like we’re in the last few days of summer so I thought we’d have a little “tonic” outside tonight.

There are many ways to put together the perfect glass of Pimms, I like mine with a lemon/lime soda (diet 7up works well if you don’t want too much sugar or you can try ginger ale or even lemon/lime sparkling water for a lighter taste), ice, thinly sliced cucumber, a little apple and a sprig of fresh mint. I almost feel I should put on a fancy dress and hat before taking that first sip!

01 Pimms No1 cup - Mainely eating

Also try: Mix your Pimms with champagne for a “Royal Pimms Cup” or with warm apple juice for a “Winter Pimms Cup”!

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