A Full English Breakfast

Merry Christmas if it’s a day you celebrate! It’s a balmy day of 60 degrees here in Maine, no ice on the lake, the sun peeking through the pine trees, it feels more like September!

“The full English” as it’s affectionately known is not the most healthy of breakfasts but it’s pretty darn tasty. You also have to be somewhat nifty with your timings of everything to get it all served up hot on the plate. It’s the perfect breakfast when you have a long and busy day of gift giving, meat roasting and tv watching ahead of you!

When I was at school I briefly worked in a greasy-spoon all-day-breakfast kind of place and it put me off black pudding (or blood sausage) for life so you won’t see it here! You might also want to cut tomatoes in half, add salt, pepper and some dried herbs (oregano or thyme come to mind) and grill. They look pretty but no one eats them in our house so I’m skipping them 😉001 Mainely Eating - breakfast full english17– Cook sausages (we like the country sage breakfast sausages from Whole Foods)
– Cook bacon until it’s your desired level of crispy. Ordering “back bacon” from a old school butcher like RJ Balson & Son will add to the authenticity.
– Warm Heinz baked beans
– Keep sausages, bacon, beans warm in the oven
– Cook eggs. We like poached but scrambled or fried are probably easier.
– Make toast (the English muffin loaf from Big Sky Bakery in Maine is so good and rivals a loaf of Warburton’s toasty!)
– Serve with HP brown sauce (or ketchup if you must) and a mug of hot tea

The above English breakfast essentials take you to affiliate links on Amazon 🙂

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