Introducing Cookbook Friday!

I find it somewhat ironic that I rarely cook from recipes yet my cookbook collection is out. of. control.

I have four cupboards with glass-lined doors that are stuffed to the brim like this:Favorite cookbooks from Mainely Eating Food Blog

From foodporn cookbooks where I’m unlikely to even attempt a recipe and just drool over the pictures to food-specific cookbooks that I’ve used as an introduction to a new style of cooking, I’ve got them all! My very favorite cookbooks transport me into the kitchen of the author and reading them is like a conversation between two old friends over the kitchen counter.

Am I qualified to review cookbooks? Nope, I’m not a book editor, and I don’t have any kind of English degree but I’m happy to share the books I love in this weekly series. I don’t plan on trashing any books – like my Mom says “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

I’ll comment on the following topics:
Readability: What’s the style of the book? Are the directions clear? What’s the voice of the author like?
Recipe difficulty: If someone is fairly new to cooking, would they understand most of the recipes and be able to make them? If a recipe is “difficult” that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing.
Photography: Are there pictures? Do they help you with the recipe? Does the food look appetizing?

Leave a note in the comments with your favorite cookbook!


3 thoughts on “Introducing Cookbook Friday!

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  2. Nom Nom Paleo. Non boring low carb recipes including a fantastic fried chicken. I also LOVE The Best Recipe by Cooks Illustrated. I get lost in the science for hours and it’s pretty much impossible to mess up when you follow their recipes. 🙂


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